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Paper Straws Smoothie “short” – navy blue stripes (8x200mm)


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Each packaging unit (PU) consists of 325 drinking straws

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The paper smoothie straws have a diameter of 8mm and are also suitable for more viscous drinks.

The straws are more stable than comparable straws from the USA and Asia, and have a specially developed manufacturing process WITHOUT the use of petroleum. As a result, they do not dissolve in the drink and are dimensionally stable for one to two hours.
Since the drinking straws are made of paper, they can easily be biodegraded and are 100% compostable. This works so well because it does not contain any lead, chlorine or plasticizers, so it is completely food-safe.

Straws and packaging comply with the EU requirements for paper products that come into contact with food, i.e. of the guideline AP (2002) 1, the regulation 1935/2004 as well as the limit requirements according to § 30,31 LFGB (Food and Feed Code).
The FDA Regulation 21CFR § 176.170 on components made of paper or cardboard / cardboard that come into contact with aqueous or fatty food, the BfR recommendation XXXVI for paper, cardboard + cardboard that come into contact with food, the Swiss Food and Durable Goods Ordinance (LGV). Art. 49, Decreto Ministrale March 21, 1937, Gazzetta Ufficiale de la Repubblica Italiana, April 20, 1973, last modification May 18, 2010, of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), certificate FSC-STD-40-004 V3.0 and the ISEGA, certificate 46266 U 17.
The paper drinking straws are halal, kosher and vegan.
The straw colors are also tested and certified according to o.g. EU guidelines for foodstuffs.

The straws are packed in the environmentally friendly design box made of kraft paper that is certified for contact with food.
Not suitable for hot drinks. Can be used in drinks up to 30 ° C.
The straws are 100% Made in Germany, because not only they, but also the FSC-certified paper and the adhesives are made in Germany.

When properly stored in dry conditions, the straws have a shelf life of 5-6 years.

Our paper drinking straws are packaged in the Gastro-Box

1 box corresponds to 10 gastro boxes (= 3,250 pieces) per box in one color / stripe.

Would you like your logo on the straw? Please contact us.

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