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EXCELLENT, solid black (6x200mm)


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One box (PU) contains 250 pieces, one carton contains 16 boxes = 4,000 pieces

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Our new EXCELLENT drinking straw series from BIO-Strohme.

With the smaller packaging units, retailers or restaurants can also sell the straws to interested customers. The EXCELLENT series is only available in solid black, as this is the most popular color for gastronomy and the hotel industry.

The EXCELLENT drinking straws are of very good quality, almost comparable to our premium paper drinking straws.

One box (PU) contains 250 pieces, one carton contains 16 boxes = 4,000 pieces

The advantages of our paper drinking straws:

  • If stored properly and in a dry place, the stalks have a shelf life of 5-6 years

The straws are packed in the eco-friendly design box made of kraft paper, which is certified for contact with food not suitable for hot drinks

  • the paper drinking straws are halal, kosher and vegan

the straw colors are tested and certified acc. EU directives

  • No pollutants in the drinking straws, not even in the glue

Made in the EU

Straws and packaging meet the requirements:

the EU for paper products that come into contact with food, i.e. the guideline AP (2002) 1, the regulation 1935/2004 as well as the limit specifications according to §§30,31 LFGB (food and feed code).

of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), certificate FSC-STD-40-004 V3.0
of ISEGA, certificate 46266 U 17

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