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Natural Straws (length: 200mm) – 2500 pieces


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Each packaging unit (PU) consists of 2500 drinking straws

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Product contains: 2500 Straw

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The natural straw is the most natural variant in the range and can only be harvested once a year. For this reason, there may be bottlenecks and it cannot be ordered in very large quantities. If you still need larger quantities, write to us. Since this model is a natural product that has been naturally cleaned and hygienized, it has different diameters and is best suited for very liquid drinks. Pieces of fruit or crushed ice can get stuck. The Trinkhlam can also be used in very hot drinks.

I taste absolutely neutral!

All stated quantities are approximate quantities and can fluctuate up to +/- 10%.

Packed in a box of 2500 pieces.

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