Hard to find someone like me. What is so special about me? I am heat-resistant up to approx. 80 ° C. I am made of certified industrially compostable plastic, which mainly consists of renewable raw materials. I am 60% bio-based and industrially compostable. In this process, water, oxygen and heat break down the plastic so that it can then be digested by microorganisms. What remains is valuable compost that can be used as fertilizer for growing new plants. The granulate from which I am made meets the “European Standard DIN13432” and the “American Standard ASTM6400” for compostable and biodegradable polymers. Service life / shelf life approx. 12 to 14 months – store in a dry place (normal: + 20 ° C and not colder than -15 ° C).

In a bag of 500 pieces.
One box contains 12 bags of 500 pieces = 6,000 pieces.