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Bio-Pot, white, flex (6x210mm) – while stocks last


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Each packaging unit (PU) consists of 500 drinking straws

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Product contains: 500

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The BIO-POT® flexible drinking straw is 69% bio-based, made from potato starch and fibers, completely biodegradable and quickly compostable in industrial composting plants. In addition to the biological part from plants, it consist of a non-biological part (31%) of minerals, calcium and magnesium.
As a result, I make a major contribution to reducing environmental pollution. I am free from plasticizers and mineral oil-free and contain a very high amount of starch from various genetically modified plants. Lifespan / shelf life approx. 18 to 21 months in dry storage. BIO-POT® is heat-resistant up to 30 ° C and ideal for all cold drinks.

Available in bags of 500 pieces
1 box corresponds to 20 bags of 500 pieces = 10,000 pieces

Color: White

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