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BIO-LIG, black, 7x250mm

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Tiered Pricing

PU Price Per Straw
1 – 4 14,75  0.03
5 – 9 13,83  0.03
10 – 20 11,52  0.02
21 – 29 10,88  0.02

Each packaging unit (PU) consists of 500 drinking straws

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The BIO-LIG drinking straw is a very special product. This consists of the thermoplastic material Liquidwod. Liquidwood insists on lignin, a by-product of paper making, and cellulose. The cellulose wood fibers come from controlled European reforestation.

The special features of the BIO-LIG drinking straws are:

  • Heat-resistant (up to max. 70 ° C)
  • ethically acceptable drinking straw (no corn, no food)
  • a product whose raw material does not have to be specially grown for this (no overexploitation, as a by-product of paper production)
  • 100% bio-based drinking straw
  • 100% PLA-free drinking straw
  • Straw without mineral oil
  • Free of plasticizers
  • “Made in EU”
  • Low CO2 emission drinking straw
  • migration-tested straw (global migration test, Chemical Control Eurofins)
  • drinking straw that is also degradable in sea and salt water
  • straw certified according to the EU regulation for food and feed (LFGB)
  • constantly regenerating raw material

Even if the drinking straw is biodegradable, we still recommend professional disposal.

Color: black / anthracite
One bag (= PU) contains 500 pieces
One box contains 12 packaging units = 6,000 pieces

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