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Bio-Eco, pearly white (6x210mm) -while stocks last-


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Each packaging unit (PU) consists of 500 drinking straws

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I am from sugar cane!

BIO-ECO is the cheapest among the sustainable straws and costs only 0.012 €. Just a little more than a plastic straw!

BIO-ECO consists of approx. 2/3 sugar cane (not genetically modified) and approx. 1/3
Minerals, fibers. BIO-ECO therefore contains NO plastic parts!
In industrial composting, it dissolves in CO2, water and biomass. BIO-ECO is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and sustainable in accordance with EN13432 and ASTM D6866. The lifespan / durability is about 16-22 months in dark, dry and cool (room temperature is sufficient) storage.

1 bag of 500 pieces.

In a box there are 12 bags of 500 pieces = 6,000 pieces.

Color: pearly white

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